Lovis Corinth Prize

Lovis Corinth Prize

The Lovis-Corinth-Preis (Lovis Corinth Prize) was founded in 1974 by the KünstlerGilde e.V. and is awarded annually at the KOG. It bears the name of the painter Lovis Corinth (Tapiau [now Gvardeysk], East Prussia 1858–1925 Zandvoort, Province of North Holland)—an important representative of German Impressionism and pioneer of Expressionism. From 2006, the KOG has been involved in the selection of recipients and awarding of the prize, which starting with this year will happen biannually. Since 2016, the KOG has coordinated the awarding of the Lovis-Corinth-Preis by itself or in cooperation with changing partners.


Who Can Be Nominated?

The prize is awarded to visual artists whose work in painting, graphic arts, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, and new media has a connection to Eastern Europe in subject matter or biographically. The award honors an internationally significant oeuvre that makes a relevant contribution to the development of contemporary forms of expression. The candidates are nominated by members of a jury of experts.


Who Have Been the Prizewinners?

A whole series of prominent artists have won the Lovis-Corinth-Preis. The award is combined with an exhibition at the KOG. Several of the prizewinning artists are represented by works in the museum’s collection. A changing selection from these holdings can be seen in the dome hall and is integrated into the permanent collection. The installation Venceremos/Sale by the Czech artist Magdalena Jetelová, the prizewinner from 2006, decorates the facade of the museum.

2022 Paweł Althamer • 2020 Peter Weibel • 2018 Roman Ondak • 2016 Daniel Spoerri • 2014 Stefan Moses • 2012 Jiří Georg Dokoupil • 2010 Marcin Maciejowski • 2008 Timm Rautert • 2006 Magdalena Jetelová • 2004 Christian Ludwig Attersee • 2003 Herbert Aulich • 2000 Mechthild Frisch • 1999 Herbert Peters • 1998 Johannes Geccelli • 1997 Lothar Quinte • 1996 Katharina Sieverding • 1995 Raimund Girke • 1994 Winfried Gaul • 1993 Sigmar Polke • 1992 Anatol Herzfeld • 1991 Gerhard Fietz • 1990 Markus Lüpertz • 1989 Franz Bernhard • 1988 Albrecht von Hancke • 1987 Otto-Herbert Hajek • 1986 Bernard Schultze • 1985 Fred Thieler • 1984 Anton Lehmden • 1983 Hans Fronius • 1982 Johnny Friedleander • 1981 Mac Zimmermann • 1980 Alexander Camaro • 1979 Georg Muche • 1978 Rolf Cavael • 1977 Hermann Teuber • 1976 Oskar Kokoschka • 1975 Bernhard Heiliger • 1974 Karl Schmidt-Rottluff


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